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RentBoy used to be the best and largest platform for gay escort listings until the 2015. Then it has been shut down mainly for involving the underage teens, which RentMen never does. 

Although the concept is the same and this site also remains a gay social network for stunning gay models, RentMen remains legit. Sexy guys may seek gay sugar daddies which isn’t forbidden. 

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If you keep asking if RentMen and RentBoy are the same, the right answer is that the audience just loves the idea. BFE service is the most frequent there, as well as therapeutic massages with pleasant bonuses.

Same Rentboy Sites

Can RentMen and RentBoy be the same? This is a common question among dating experts and guys looking to have fun on the Internet.

There is no actual difference between these two sites. Both sites cater to single men who are looking for casual dating relationships. So, the answer to the question is yes – Rentmens is just better than Rentboy.

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While both sites offer a dating section, the differences between the two stop there. The best way to describe the dating scene of Rentmens and Rentboy is a mix of the best features of the two best sites that are currently available online.

Both sites allow the users to create an attractive profile which explains in brief what exactly they are looking for in a date. They allow their users to search for local or national guys based on their likes, dislikes and most importantly, a little bit of a sense of humor.

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A little difference does go a long way though. While the terms of service are pretty similar on both Rent Mens and RentBoy, the way that the guys on these sites get to actually hook up with other guys is quite different.

At Rent Mens, all guys are free to hookup whenever and wherever they want. At Rent Boy, the guys have to actually join a chat room first in order to start dating.

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What makes Rent Mens the best dating site for guys looking to hookup? The biggest factor is probably the ease with which guys can use this site to hookup with women.

Men can easily search for local girls, women from their own city, women from other states, women from other countries… Basically, they can find local girls just by typing in a city in the website’s search box. There is even a handy way to browse through thousands of local girls looking for guys just like you.

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The problem comes in when you want to actually initiate the hookup. At the dating site, guys have to go through a series of screening processes before being allowed to hookup.

All of the guys on Rent Mens are screened very thoroughly, and the only people who are allowed to actually hook up with others are guys who have obviously done enough screening to merit inclusion.

For example, you might be allowed to hookup with a girl if she had joined the site at least five years ago, if you had been married at that time or if she has a high social security number.

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The real difference between Rent Mens and Rentboy is that there is no screening process to weed out cheaters. On Rent Mens, the only people who get rejected are the ones who have done nothing to make themselves less of a person.

This means that it’s just as easy for a guy to be rejected as it is for one of the women on Rent Boys to hook up with him. For that reason, I would not consider Rentmens and Rent Boys the same.

If you are going to start a relationship, you will want to focus a lot on yourself and what you have to offer. Using online dating sites to find your future boyfriend is probably not a bad idea after all.

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  1. The use of MySpace and Facebook to find gay hookup personals is pretty simple.

  2. All you need to do is set up a free account on either of these sites and search for “lesbian dating”.

  3. This should bring up a variety of profiles.

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