All over the Internet, there are websites, whose key purpose is the classified social ads. What it means is that, instead of placing an ad that you’re selling a car, you would place an ad that you are looking for a partner or even selling massage services.

It is a very common website structure for hookup platforms, and many of them have either been using this design for a very long time now or introduced it later. Even Tinder uses some of it – it’s likely they just took the usual ads and turned them into card profiles that don’t even have that much information about the user.

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But what is RentMen? What niche does it occupy and how can you use it? Well, it’s pretty easy, actually.

What is RentMen?

It’s a hookup service for gay men, mostly. At the very least, it was conceptualized as one and most of the people use it as such, but there have been many additions over the years, which lead to more depth. You’ll see what it means in a minute.

But generally, RM is a same-sex escort and hookup service aimed at men. There aren’t too many of these services out there, and although many modern escort services have specifics that allow you to include, for instance, transgender users in your search, LGBT community hasn’t been properly represented.

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RentMen Useful Source

There have only been a couple worthwhile escort service options for this group of people over the years. On mobile, most gay people would use Grindr. It’s the same thing as Tinder but exclusively for same-sex male relationships. In terms of professional escort services or just hooking up from PC, it’s RentMen.

How does it work?

To understand how RentMen works as a platform, you need to understand how social search works in general. There are two components whose capabilities can be extended if the website feels an urge:

  1. A provider who creates a piece of information with specific details about themselves;
  2. A client who goes about sorting the entire massif of providers by the specific details that they would prefer the provider to have
How Does Rentmen Work Online
How Does Rentmen Work

To lobotomize this explanation – if you want to find a gay tall man, the results will show you all the users who listed being gay, tall and man on their ad, post or profile.

An ad is what’s used most of the time by the escort providers. They create a post with a headline, a short description of their services, a few photos and other details. What you get in result is basically the same thing as a car-selling ad, except it’s for escort services. It works surprisingly neat for both types of ads, funnily enough.

How does RentMen work, specifically?

RM is very much like all of these services in many ways, although there are certain distinctions. The details deserve deeper examination, but that’s how different this website is, in basic terms:

  1. You don’t create ads in the usual sense, but rather full-fledged profiles with reviews and rating;
  2. The profiles users create are much deeper, have more context and details;
  3. The search is way more extensive than most usual ad listing services

It is crucial, because the classic design of a classified listing service is a number of categories united into broader groups, all further dispensed to many locations all over the world.

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RentMen During Quarantine

Admittedly, this website is a lot more like a dating website, but the structure, design and intent are mostly taken from listing services, such as Bedpage, Listcrawler and even MegaPersonals. Basically, the website is meant for escort providers first of all, which is why there is rating and reviews.

Using RentMen as a ‘client’

A client group are the people who active look for the escort services, make the first move and search for people who provide these services (mostly for fees, if they are professional). Those who provide are called providers, naturally.

While using this website as a provider might be tricky, as you have to create an account, manage your profile, make sure you get all the necessary details specified for the search algorithm to pick you up, manage your reputation and more, using the website as a client is a piece of cake.

RentMen Users
RentMen Client

Start by entering the website.

Because it’s technically a Europe-registered domain, you need to be 18 or older to use it. It’s not a big deal at this point. However, you’ll likely have to confirm that you are of age if you set up an account here. If you don’t, much of the website’s features will be barred to you, because they don’t want legal issues.

As a client, you can browse through the ads left by the provider users freely, mostly of the time you don’t need any sort of authorization. However, if you were to leave a review or a rating to estimate the user’s performance, you would definitely need an account set up. But that’s on the later stages.

Most initial features are readily available for unauthorized users. This includes:

  1. Search parameters;
  2. Profile viewing;
  3. Contacting the user (in some cases)

Basically, you can waltz in, set up several search parameters, pick one of the candidates and see if they have any sort of contact information (such as phone number) mentioned in the profile. You can call them right then and there.

Now that we entered the realm of searching, let’s discuss what this website has to offer in terms of searching and sorting.

Searching and sorting

On such platforms, you’d usually want a deep, detailed and variable search system. But even some of the most well-known websites only have 3 to 5 setting parameters. RM, by contrast, offers a very extensive search mechanism that has a dozen broader settings, each streaking down into up to 10 minor parameters.

Active Hookup Clients
Active Clients

Generally, there are two ways to search for people in your location – one detailed (as just mentioned) and one was faster and simpler. Let’s start with the latter one.

‘Near me’

The similar services usually expect that you pick a location where you live and then proceed to narrow down the search by adding and specifying individual parameters (such as maybe gender or the specific service).

You can do that on RM, but you’re also initially given a location of your own. Not only will you have an approximate location based on the country where you currently are, but you’ll also be able to narrow it down even further by allowing the website to pinpoint you with geolocation (or GPS).

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Hookup Near Me

If you gave that permit, you’ll be put on a map alongside other people. If you want to see exactly who’s near you at the moment from the closest to the most distant, just click on the ‘near me’ menu in the header.

You’ll be given a concise list of candidates without having to spend time on changing setting and specifying parameters. That’s a great feature. However, if you feel you’d rather spend a bit more time to find a proper person, then proceed to the extensive search.

The menu of the search itself is also right there on the header. When you open it, you’ll be given a number or people who also relate to your general location – often, the country as a whole. Of course, in some cases this can be enough, especially since there are simply fewer users from smaller countries such as Switzerland or Belgium

  • Location

However, you’ll definitely want to narrow the search down. You can start by picking a location. It can be done by click on the search bar in the top of the page and selecting one of the many (over 600) locations available on RM. They mostly include cities or maybe provinces when picking one is just as populated as a usual urban area.

This ought to narrow down your search initially. For instance, if before you saw people from Cologne to Berlin in your list, picking Hamburg will either give you a list of people who reside there or in the vicinity. Finding a proper provider with these parameters is a much easier task, but it’s not the end of it.

  • Rating and reputation

From this point, most settings that can be applied will be located on the right side of the menu, a bit lower from the top of the page. You’ll have to click on each setting category to change and modify them.

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Get Free Hookup Date

The topmost is also one of the first you might worry about if your goal on RM is to find a proper escort provider. It’s the rates slider that allows you to set the highest threshold for the rating of your candidates. You can set the maximum amount a bit lower if you don’t want exceptional performance.

It can correspond with your preferences as well as your budget. After all, the entire premise of having a rating system on the website is to let people estimate the performance of professional escort providers.

  • Physical appearance

On this note, we’re entering a more extensive as well as probably exciting part of this menu. There are several larger categories of appearance parameters. The most prominent are ethnicity (Caucasian, African, Middle-Eastern, Asian, etc) and body type (muscular, slim, ‘chubby’, etc). 

Moreover, you can pick several of each and not just one. There are many tick boxes that can be filled out simultaneously, which makes for a much more nuanced search algorithm.

  • Service

That’s equally crucial as appearance, if not more so. You must know that there are people of various intents and goals on this website. Some act as escort, but there are also webcam streamers and even people who simply look for dating options. There are many various sub-types like that.

Gay Fresh Pub
Gay Meet In Fresh Pub

However, some of them can obviously be less popular than others – you need to account for that. Your search can be too narrow. So, if you intend to sit for a while and go through a number of profiles, you’d better click on several services that you’d prefer over others. The same goes for many other parameters.

  • Position

This is a manner of preferences. This sort of settings includes mostly sex preferences as well as what ‘accessories’ the people you’re looking for would use. There are more parameters of this nature than you would thing. It’s surprising, because few other services give you sorting options on such a level.

These nuances are usually negotiated with the providers directly or absorbed from descriptions. 

  • Gender

This is actually a very interesting parameter. It is obvious from many aspects that RentMen is a the best website for LGBT hookups and escorts. And it’s reflected in this category – there are options such as: gay, transgender, pansexual, and, weirdly, straight.

Search A Gay Couple
Searching for Couple

The interesting thing is that this service apparently gives you a choice to sort even by the parameters that should not be available in terms of common sense. But they are, and that is admirable on the designers’ part. They promote freedom of choice for free of depth of search even when they could just gloss over some details.

Creating a profile

As a provider, starting on RentMen is a bit more complex. As you understand from the extensive search options mentioned in the previous chapter, if you wanted to create a perfect profile that reflects your personality and requirements ideally, you’d have to spend some time creating it.

That’s the longest part, but it’s not really boring. You’ll have to just create an account, submit some basic information (such as name and age), then fill out specifics that would be used by the clients to find you. This includes location and other settings mentioned above – the more the better. And don’t forget that you can pick several at a time.

Perfect Gay Hookup Profile
Create Perfect Profile

As a provider you should also think about getting a work phone that could be muted or disabled at times when you don’t want to get new calls. That’s especially relevant if phone is the only line of communication you put inside a profile.